Schlumpfdrive - the brilliant two-gear shift

Cable-free:  The Schlumpf drive is shifted by simple foot action. An easy button push with the heel, while stopped or in full travel, and the gear switches reliably. Maintenance-prone cables and pulls are also a thing of the past.

E-Bike-capable gear ratio: The motto is ride, don't shift. A series of closely staggered gears make no sense with the e-bike. The Schlumpf drive in combination with the advanced belt drive provide effective travel with fewer gears.

Longer service life:  Schlumpf gears are designed for practically maintenance-free operation for ten thousands of kilometres. The result is utmost customer satisfaction.

Maintenance free:  Some lubricant in the slotted screw and you are underway for a year of use without loss of power.

Tried and true under extreme conditions:  The Schlumpf drives have demonstrated enormous power capability in many customized solutions. This quality is now available to the e-bike market.


Manufacturing and sale by Haberstock Mobility GmbH


Gearing: 1:1.65

Suitable for dualspeed bikes, and ideal for cargo and touring bikes when combined with Nuvinci N360 and Alfine

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High Speed Drive

Gearing: 1:1.65

Suitable for fast e-bikes and   special bikes



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